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Available for Adoption:

We've partnered up with Safe Humane Chicago to find a home for this amazing girl! Nina has been working hard in preparation for a new, loving home.  Her adoption comes with complimentary follow-up private training lessons to help with the home transition. 


This Badass girl can keep up with the big guys now. We love seeing her become more advanced each day, but we'd love even more to see that happen in a home of her own!


She’d thrive in a calm home environment that’s all about her because she’s a pretty princess Diva, but she deserves to be. 💅🏼 She’s always down to train, play, and snuggle up. This girl can do it all. A triple threat! Sharpening up the basics, or learning something new. This firecracker is down as long as it’s with you.

Kennel Trained ✅
Potty Trained ✅
Obedience Trained ✅
Leash Trained ✅
Recall in different distracting environments ✅
The goodest girl to groom! ✅

Don’t forget that her adoption also comes with a FREE DoveK9 Lesson package, so we can ensure your success as a team.


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