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 Unleashing human and canine bonding to its Full Potential 


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At Dove K9, we aspire to educate dog owners alike to troubleshoot the science behind canines behaviors in everyday scenarios. We strengthen the bond between human and canine to live their best life. Lets reach your goals together by practicing Advocacy and Accountability. Unleash your teams full potential! We offer virtual lessons to keep our services accessible to everyone nationwide.


Established in 2023.

Dovey (Dove) is a fear aggressive dog with PTSD, but you wouldn’t know it seeing us out in public enjoying things that all around friendly dogs do. Dovey was also dog friendly until an attack while she was inside of a wire crate. Lilli would do anything and everything to get Dovey comfortable doing the things she once loved again. Going for walks in the park, hiking, working drills on a busy street, going to breweries, etc. Thanks to years of studying canine psychology and repeated trial and error, Dovey can now comfortably enjoy those things once again after lots of Advocacy and Accountability. That’s what Dove K9 stands for: Advocate for your dogs in situations that make them uncomfortable, instead of punishing them for having to make themselves comfortable. Corrections have a time and place and should be made to count and be fair. Accountability in yourself to follow through with advocacy will form the strongest bond between you and your canine friend. It truly goes a long way!



DoveK9 LLC provides dog training services that guarantee results! After a free consultation is completed, you and your dog team will get to experience the benefits of advocacy and accountability training. Our boarding and daycare services are also offered to pups that have graduated from our training program.

Before we begin any road to success, we conduct a consultation to evaluate your dog’s behavior and establish a customized training program. We’re passionate about helping your dog learn and grow, and our team works tirelessly to ensure your dog reaches its full potential. Click the paw to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a stronger bond between your team.

Our private training sessions bring the school to your home, allowing for a more personalized experience for you and your furry friend. This program is heavy on homework. Our experienced trainers will work with all temperament dogs to help them achieve your teams training goals. We provide homework assignments to ensure that your dog is receiving the practice and attention they need, even when the session is over.

Our Board and Train program is a popular option for busy pet owners who want a well-trained dog but don't have the time for training themselves. We work on obedience, leash walking, counter-surfing, and jumping allowing your dog to learn in a home environment. Trust us to take care of training your best friend, so you can come home to a well-behaved and happy dog. We guarantee to set you up for success at home!

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